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Spiral Water


Advanced High Solids Separation and Concentration

Spiral Water offers several configurations of its advanced automatic, self-cleaning filters to accommodate a wide range of high solids filtration and separation needs.

Our Series 800 Model 850 Automatic Filter is our cornerstone product. Available in stainless steel, the Model 850 is the latest evolution of our widely used Series 800 filters – our most compact product line, designed for lower flow, low pressure, low temperature applications.

Our larger Series 1000 Automatic Self-cleaning Filters, available in stainless steel, are designed to handle medium to high flow, high pressure, high temperature applications and liquid/solids separation. The Model T1000 is intended for industrial applications while Model H1000 accommodates sanitary applications.

Our new break-out High Solids Water Recovery (HSWR) System is a packaged, turnkey system that combines our Series 1000 automatic, self-cleaning filters with other industry equipment in various configurations depending on the intended application.

Regardless of the model, all Spiral Water filters are engineered to deliver superior performance while reducing CapEx and OpEx. Our technology is designed for high TSS/BOD removal with the ability to handle high TSS loading of over 500 ppm, and process bulk solids removal up to 15,000 mg/l TSS (15% by volume), while providing continuous 15-to-1500-micron filtration. They can filter up to 50 times dirtier water, in just one pass, while requiring only a fraction of the energy and footprint required by large capital equipment.

Our products can be used as for pre-filtration, as a primary filter, or for fluid reclamation from existing filter backwash or centrifuge underflow. In addition, our proprietary purge technology concentrates solids to reduce waste or in some cases, for potential resale.

In addition, our filters can be used as standalone products, combined into multiplex filter skids, and/or integrated into larger treatment systems. Compact, self-contained and lightweight, they require only a fraction of the footprint of other filters and are also low-maintenance, with less downtime and greatly reduced manpower requirements.

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