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Leslie Control Valves

Class DLO/DLOS - These versatile single-seated, unbalanced, cage-retained trim, diaphragm control valves put the premium on performance at a competitive price. Suitable for use in steam, water, gas and process applications, this valve series has found acceptance in industries ranging from food and beverage processing to power generation.

Class DBOY-3, DBOYS-3 and  DBOS-3 - These balanced, hung cage valves are rugged, reliable units specially designed for use in steam, water, gas, vapor and non-corrosive liquid service. The balanced cage-throttling design permits these valves to be operated with small, compact and economical actuators against fluid pressure drops up to 1480 psig.

K-Max Rotary Control Valves - The Leslie K-Max is designed and engineered to handle nearly all industrial process control requirements. For over 15 years, the K-Max has been in successful service in thousands of applications worldwide including high and low pressure steam, clean, dirty, and corrosive liquids and gases, and erosive and abrasive slurries

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