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Steam is more efficient than you think

Maxi-Therm proudly manufactures High Efficiency steam to liquid vertical flooded HX concept for building heat and for domestic use transferring not only latent heat of steam but also sensible heat of steam in a 0% flash return system even at high pressure steam such as 175 psig and considering super-heated steam. The Maxi-Therm Ultimate Package is the perfect turn-key solution for your heating hot water (or water/glycol solution) needs. The idea is to fit on the smallest possible footprint all the essential components required for any steam to hot water heater closed loop. Each system is carefully engineered to meet the specific technical requirements of your project. We have installations for liquid flow between 35 and 850 usgpm and we can go above 2,000 usgpm (per heat exchanger)

  • Energy Saving between 5 to 15%

  • Can Be Use On Use High or Low Pressure Steam

  • No Steam Pressure Reducing Valve Station

  • No Need of a Steam Safety Valve

  • No Dedicate Condensate Pump and No Flash Tank

  • Easy Installation With Very Low Footprint And Low Maintenance

  • Up To 6 Time Less Corrosive On Condensate Piping

  • Can Design A Complete Steam Close Loop System With No Vents To The Roof, No Flash Lost !



Ultimate Package Pic.png
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