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System solutions for filtration and separation

Products from Mahle Industrial filtration are known internationally for their superior quality, high efficiency and value. Serving not only the oil & gas production, transmission and refining markets, Nowata-/ProGuard products also offer solutions for industrial liquid and gas filtration, applications including food, biofuels, chemicals, petrochemicals, and water.
Our innovative ProGuard backwash filtration technology offer a full range of products for refineries around the world in applications such as hydrocracking, hydrotreating, and delayed coking. Nowata cartridge, bag, and basket strainer filter housings are available for pressure up to 6000 PSI, with permanent or disposable media to meet specific customer requirements.
Our US headquarters and manufacturing facility is centrally located in Nowata, Oklahoma, USA.
MAHLE Industrial filtration, with Nowata/ProGuard products, provides a wide range of expertise in highly engineered, and custom designed pressure filter vessels in a variety of materials which enables us designing the filter system that meets your demands.

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