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OSECO Rupture Discs

Oseco has over 30 years of pressure management experience working with the top performing companies in the chemical process, oil and gas, manufacturing, fire protection, defense, and food processing industries. Oseco offers manufactured solutions for a range of applications, including high-technology installations, domestic appliances, and even a wide range of manufacturers equipment applications (OEM).

Oseco manufactures rupture discs, explosion vents, and other pressure relief products. Oseco's intelligent pressure relief systems protect people, plants, processes and the environment across the globe. As a leader in technically advanced pressure relief products, Oseco delivers unique design, testing and consultancy services for pressure management.

No matter what your industry or application, Oseco will work to deliver the best application and performance solution.  Following our unique process, Oseco delivers an optimized custom solution for your company’s projects.  Whether needing a one-off design or high volume solutions, Oseco will exceed your expectation in performance, customization and reliability. We understand that life safety and capital equipment protection are top priorities in your business.

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