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Leslie Steam Water Heaters

Leslie Constantemp® heaters use a tightly-coiled circulating exchanger to transfer heat energy from the isolated steam flow to the desired liquid. These systems can take advantage of very low steam pressures and can deliver liquids at precisely defined temperatures. Leslie Constantemp® steam heaters are available in Inlet pressure ranges: 2-15 psig. Heating is instant on demand with capacities up to 7,200 gallons per hour. Temperature variation is a maximum of ±3°F. The standard coil material is copper but Admiralty and cupro-nickel coils are available as special-service options. The heart of the Leslie Constantemp® steam water heater is the feedforward blending device. The hot and cold water blend ratio is accurately proportioned to maintain the set temperature for all flow demands. Water is blended instantly; automatically; with virtually no lag in response time.

The LES Series steam-fired water heater is a high quality system which provides an economical, high capacity output using steam or hot water as the heating medium. The LES Series water heater is designed to handle a broad range of capacities and is ideal for most domestic and process hot water applications.The LES Series water heater is designed to fit in tight areas where space is at a premium and is narrow enough to fit through most doorways. Units are offered in vertical or horizontal designs.The LES Series water heater is a completely pre-piped system. All components are sized, mounted and piped prior to shipment and require only hot and cold water lines, connections of steam, condensate and electric.The LES Series water heater has digital electronic temperature limit control with LCD readout and is field programmable. This safety system eliminates the possibility of overheating or getting live steam. By utilizing an adjustable electric thermostat, the system is designed to close the main control valve upon an over-temperature condition.

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