On-Off Solenoid Valves

Laurence is a world-recognized line of fast-acting on-off control valves, ideal where quick opening and tight shutoff are essential. With proven performance in demanding high temperature conditions.The unique rotary shaft design has set the Laurence valves apart from other actuated valves. The versatile style can be utilized in a variety of power, process, and marines applications. In addition, the Laurence Company developed a high temperature butterfly valve with a compact actuator specifically for General Electric gas turbines. This valve has proven to be very successful. A more resent development is the SoliCon electric actuator which is the latest in solenoid design. Key Benefits – External Lever for Manual Operation – High Temperature Materials – Electric and Pneumatic Operation – Two & Three-way Designs – Fire Safe Fusible Link Actuators – FM & UL Approval. Laurence valves are a leader in critical service on-off applications.