Clean Steam Generator

The 3 main reasons for using a clean steam generator are humidification, sterilization and food process.  Those 3 applications imply to inject steam in air or liquid.  Therefore, any chemicals, sediment or minerals in your process should be avoided.

Most of our units are used for humidification and sterilization purposes.  In this section we will go through some basics of clean steam generator usages.

The first thing we need to remember is that steam is pure, meaning it’s already clean.  When you are boiling hot water at home for your cup of tea, the steam coming out from your kettle is pure.What about the cleanliness of the steam coming out from your boiler?  Theoretically your steam should be pure but the fact is you probably making carryover for different reasons.  Meaning that you will find sediments, minerals and chemicals (coming from your water treatment) in your steam. 5 main reasons causing carryover from your steam boiler

Sudden change of steam load during operation, Bad piping design. Piping too small, Too many chemicals (most of the time too much sulfite), Steam trap too small at your boiler header and/or steam separator, Boiler is too small. Once you have resolved this and make sure of avoiding carryover from your steam boiler, you need to make sure that your steam network is clean.  And that might be your biggest challenge.