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Spence Safety Relief Valves


Safety Relief Valves

Spence offers a broad range of valves meeting ASME Boiler and Pressure vessel code requirements as well as the "NB" Certificate. They provide over pressure protection for steam, air gases, vapors, water, liquids and powdered solids. Set pressures up to 300 psi for steam and up to 900psi psi for air and gases.
Figure 31/41 Bronze and Cast Iron Series:
The Figure 31/41 Bronze and Cast Iron Series has a dual blow down ring which allows for better adjustment of the pop and blow down. This safety relief valve is top guided and has a semi nozzle for optimum flow performance. Set pressures up to 300psi for steam air and gases (bronze body)
Figure 800 Series:
The Figure 800 Series has a non-adjustable blow down that is less than 10% for steam, air or gas and less than 20% for liquid. Consisting of a unitized bonnet design this product guarantees proper guiding. The valve has a full nozzle for optimum flow performance and internal trim of stainless steel. This valve is extremely dependable in terms of pop action, seat tightness and repeatability. Set pressures up 300psi for steam and up to 900psi for air, gas or liquids.
Figure 10/15 Series:
The Figure 10/15 Series are cost effective, maintaining a high degree of repeatability at a low cost. The valve inlet and outlet has one integral casting assuring proper alignment of disc, seat and spindle for smooth action. 

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