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Consolidate Steam Condensate Return Lines 

Now the expense of installing separate piping systems can be economized by using condensate mixers. The Maxi-Therm CM Series efficiently mixes high pressure condensate into a lower pressure return line.The system is compact and eliminates the need for a separate high pressure return on many applications. Its unique sparging effect blends the water and flash steam to recover BTU's that might otherwise be vented and lost. It reduces complex piping, saves space, installed cost, and energy.

How the Maxi-Therm CM Series works:Low pressure condensate (and flash) flow through the unit. High pressure flow
(using the unique Maxi-Therm steam trap) enters through the CM's check valve. The check valve is a short stroke, spring actuated unit designed specifically for condensate. The angled inlet and custom angled nozzles inject the higher pressure condensate and flash into the lower pressure flow, helping to motivate and heat the lower pressure flow. The CM is suitable for discharging into constant pressure
condensate systems (wet or dry):
- High pressure steam main drip traps
- Pressure reducing valve drip traps
- Medium pressure sterilizer traps
- Unit heaters, door heaters, cabinet heaters

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