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The Future of Steam Generation

 “At CERTUSS, we’re interested in building steam generators that offer more than merely providing steam. Instead, we choose to create steam generators that combine many advantages of German Engineering: High capacity and remarkable energy savings, long lasting quality and modern design, diverse applications and absolute safe operations. By using the Water Tube Boiler principle, the CERTUSS technology for generating steam offers Maximum Safety, Reliability and Instant Availability of High 99% Quality Steam in 3-5 minutes for On Demand Steam. Patented triplex air insulation system provides thermal efficiency of 83-85% without an economizer. Precise and Consistent steam output to  420 PSI no matter what your requirements are. With our added CVE feed system we provide the entire steam plant from the water softener and brine tank with dosing, to the DA tank and pumped out to the boiler. Steam Separator to the feed tank with blow down.  Single source accountability with online monitoring and predictive maintenance with the entire steam plant UL  listed. Up to 15 boilers connected together for a fully Automated system. 

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